Interview With a Stripper


June 22, 2012 by mattfradd


The following is an interview I did with a young woman who was – at the time – stripping in Great Britain. Since this interview she has quit.

Matt: June, thanks for your time. You are currently stripping in Britain. When did you first think of stripping?

June: Four months ago I was still looking for a part time job in the city I live in and couldn’t find one. I had handed my CV in EVERYWHERE and nowhere was hiring. I googled a list of businesses in my area and this strip club was one of them, so I applied. I needed money because I had run into debt (stupidly) that my parents couldnt know about and so I started the job thinking that I’d pay it off quick and then I’d quit.

Matt: How did you apply? Was their an auditioning process?
June: I called up and asked if there were any jobs available and they said “yes, there always is. will you start tonight?” this was before they’d even looked at me! so I agreed and I walked to the club from my house later on that night and got a tour of the club and a list of prices

Matt: And what was your initial feeling walking into the place? What were the managment and staff like?
June: the boss was friendly enough! the place wasn’t as glamourous as I expected it to be. the carpets were dirty and it was pretty small. as soon as i went into the changing rooms, a few of the older girls came up and started talking to me and giving me advice and being really friendly. they were standing there completely nude so i felt a bit awkward (laughs)

Matt: what advice did they give you?

June: they said “flirt with the older guys, they have the most money.” and “try and do as many lesbian shows as possible because they pay £20 per guy per girl” and “have a few drinks, you’ll need them” lol

Matt: What’s it like – honestly? Stripping in front of strangers who care nothing for you?

June: It makes me feel sick. A lot of the time I try to imagine they’re not there or something but part of it is making them feel special. Looking into their eyes is really important. I hate having to do that because I hate them all. I always have thoughts like “I hate you so much. Please die.” While Im kneeling in front of them, smiling and staring into their eyes.

Matt: How much do you usually take home a night?

June: it varies SO MUCH! depending on how busy the club is and how many girls are working. we have to pay £70 commission to the club and anything we make after that is ours. ON average, I got home with about £50. But it could be £10, £20 or £100.

Matt: If the billboards and advertising is anything to go by, all of the girls are apparently nymphomaniacs…how is this true or untrue in your experience?

June: Me and my close friends in the club are REALLY not nymphomaniacs. We actually talked about this not long ago and we laughed as we described to each other that we all have the libidos of 80 year old women lol We want to to find nice guys but not just sex. Some of the older women do talk about their….sexual experiences quite a lot but they laugh almost TOO much when they talk about it. it seems like they feel that they have to go along with the cliche of the job.

Matt: When’s your next “gig”,or whatever you call it?

June: Saturday. I only work on Saturdays. I’d hate to do it more than once a week. Its mentally and physically exhausting. Having to dance all night is bad enough but have to sit and talk to guys and act interested in their lives is the worst part.

Matt: Why are you still doing it?

June: I’m still trying to pay off the £500 debt I’m in without my parents finding out that Im in so much debt! When I work there, I buy so much alcohol to cope with it or even while Im getting ready for work, I’ll have a bottle of vodka or rum in my room so I can cope with the night and a lot of money I earn goes on that. But I dont even drink most of the time when I go out with my friends. Just saturday nights when I know what I have to face.

Matt: What would you say to a guy reading this who perhaps frequents these strip clubs regularly?
To a guy who regularly goes to strip clubs: You go there to get turned on or to be made to think that you’re special to these girls or that they want you. They don’t want you at all….they resent you completely. And I can’t understand how a guy could get turned on by the fact that these girls are faking being interested in them. The girls don’t want you, they want your money. The girls act like they’re having fun but they’re not. They’re the best actresses in the world!!

Matt: final thoughts?

June: The job has made me completely lose faith in love, marriage (yes, nearly all the regulars are married) and decent men. I’ve come to hate men so much. I’ve tried having a few relationships since I started this job and I just couldn’t feel anything for anyone anymore.

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