5 Dumb Things People Say About Truth


September 14, 2012 by mattfradd

In this post we will look at 5 self-referentially incoherent things people say about truth and how one might respond.

Self-referentiall incoherence is a logical fallacy in which some claim is made which, upon being applied to itself, refutes itself.

1. “There is no such thing as objective truth!”

Really? Is that statement objectively true? If so, is it objectively true that there is no objective truth?

2. “Only that which can be proven scientifically can be called ‘true!'”

Can you prove scientifically that one should only accept that which can be proven scientifically? Nope.

3. “Everything is true!”

Ah, I see, then you must also believe that nothing is true right? For If the claim, “nothing is true” is not true then it is not true that everything is true.

4. “It’s true for you but not for me!”

Is that statement just true for you, or is it true for everyone? If it’s just true for you then I don’t need to accept it but if it’s true for everyone then it’s not true that all truth is relative.

5. “We should be skeptical about truth!”

If it is true that we should be skeptical about truth then we should be skeptical about the claim that we should be skeptical about truth. But the more skeptical one is about one’s skepticism the more certain one becomes.

To learn more about logical fallacies click here!

What are some self-referentially incoherent claims you’ve heard made?

One thought on “5 Dumb Things People Say About Truth

  1. Emma Fradd says:

    awesome, awesome, awesome.

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