Persecution in The Middle East


November 28, 2012 by mattfradd

ImageMany of you have expressed interest in learning more about my trip to The Middle East. In this Post I thought I’d briefly share my most memorable event.

On the last day of the conference I had the honor of sitting down with three men from Saudi Arabia.

Because the public practice of Christianity is illegal in Saudi Arabia, the three men refused to have our conversation recorded for fear of persecution.

The man on the far left (in the photograph) is a Catholic priest from the Philippines. He applied for a Saudi Arabian visa as a car mechanic. When I asked him if we was also a mechanic he gave a cheeky laugh, saying, “oh no, no.” He  ministers as a priest in one of the three (I believe it’s three) underground dioceses of Saudi.

The man on my immediate left is “the driver.” Each night he picks up the faithful, driving them to the priest’s house where they celebrate Mass in secret.

The man on my right is the youth minister. This man secretly organized the pilgrimage from Saudi to Abu Dhabi where the conference was held. It is his responsibility to help catechize the youth.

Two (of the many) questions I asked were:

Me: How is Mass Celebrated?

Priest: “Each night when we celebrate Mass at a home. There are no physical Church structures in Saudi Arabia, the Church is completely ‘underground.’ When we celebrate Holy Mass there are several men outside on watch with mobile phones. If they see the police coming they alert us. We immediately transform the Mass into a birthday party.”

Me: Have you ever had to do this?

Priest: “Not me personally. Recently, in another underground parish, a priest was celebrating Mass for the faithful in a barn. The men on watch did not do their job properly and before they knew it, the police streamed into the barn, asking questions. They tried to pretend it was a birthday party but could not get their story straight on whose birthday it was. The police dismissed the congregation but arrested the priest and twelve others. They were sent to prison.”

I am currently in dialog with the youth minister as to how we can help these men better catechize the faithful. If I were to send books, CD’s and DVD’s on the Christian faith directly they would be confiscated and destroyed by customs and these men may get in trouble, lose their jobs, or worse.

I had lunch with the Bishop who overseas the underground church in Saudi. He does not reside there personally but is willing to smuggle these resources into the country if we send them to him.

Please pray for this endeavor and pray for the teens and young adults living our their faith in a hostile environment!

15 thoughts on “Persecution in The Middle East

  1. Caitlyn says:

    WOW! Matt this is an amazing story!!! Thank you God for our freedom…Even when we feel it is being compromised, at least we are able to celebrate mass without fear.

    • Rachel says:

      I know what you mean. I complain when here in the uk tv shows make jokes and mock the faith etc, but at least I can go to mass without the fear of being thrown in prison.

  2. Hi Matt, thankfully for us in the UAE, the rulers are much more liberal. I am happy we can practice our faith to a little extent 😀

    • Rachel says:

      Im praying for you all. I should think my self lucky to live where i do. I complain to much and I should be more greatful. In the uk people get away with mocking the faith and it really annoys me but I should be so greatful that it doesnt get any worse than that because in other parts in the world its illeagal to be Christian at all and you can get put in prison for it. Thank God for all these brave souls who practice their fath underground. They deserve major respect.

  3. Remy Phil Bruno says:

    I will pray for the Endeavour everyday……….. 🙂
    *Really touched regarding the difficulties faced*

    I thank God whole heartedly for the freedom I have in Dubai to partice my Religion…….

    And congrats to you as well Matt, for taking the intiative to send books, CD’s and DVD’s on the Christian faith…… 🙂
    God Bless….. 🙂 (Y)

  4. Rachel says:

    Matt, is the bishop saying we can send books, bibles and materials etc to him? Is there a secret adress or anything? If so I’d love to help these brave, amaizing people in anyway I can.

  5. JMJ3in1 says:

    I c/p link to my FB page. Bickering over OF and EF needs perspective.

  6. Lori8069 says:

    Anonymous is back on the Porn Effect website leaving nonsense messages. Please block this person if it is possible–thank you–

  7. MC says:

    Hi, Matt! First of all, thank you for your very entertaining—not to mention enlightening—talks! I was one of the delegates from S@ud!. Our house is one of the s3cret venues for services. We’ve kept it up for 16 years to date. Could tell you more if you like. 🙂

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