My ABC Interview


December 22, 2012 by mattfradd

My ABC interview can be heard below.abc_australia

I am interviewed alongside a Jewish Rabbi, a Baptist Pastor, and a homosexual Pentecostal youth pastor.

In the interview, some interesting questions are asked, such as: Why have the men in the Catholic Church suppressed women by not allowing them to get ordained – interesting stuff!


Click Here to Listen

PS For the record, I do not endorse Fr. Richard Rohr or Fr. Thomas Keating.


4 thoughts on “My ABC Interview

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  2. Rachel says:

    Matt I absolutely love the part where you talk about your plan to take your son to Calcutta to work with the Missionaries of Charity! I have twin baby boys and we are lucky enough to live near Missionaries of Charity’s convent in Newcastle, UK, and we go there to hang out with them often. Before I got pregnant with the babies I was involved with helping the MC’s and worked with them during the summer running a fun project for the underpriveliged kids in the area. I cant get as involved now that I have to little babies but when they get bigger I will get involved more and I plan on involving my sons so they can learn to help others and see how God works through us all. Alot of people tell me Im crazy which can sometimes be a bit discouraging, so you’ve given me a boost. Also I love the story about Charlie and Cameron! Go Charlie!!! What a guy!

  3. Will says:

    Matt, may God continue to bless you and the phenomenal work He does through you.

    May I offer you an apologetic suggestion when responding to the questioning of women in the priesthood?

    A gentleman in the ABC interview stated there is absolutely no difference between the nature of a man and a woman. I almost fell out of my chair when I heard how serious he was in making that statement! Seriously? “NO” difference? None at all? The response to questioning women in the priesthood must also directly confront this secular neutering of the sexes.

    Use an initial response of asking, “Why is God referred to as a ‘He’?” No, it’s not because us Catholics are archaically gender-biased. God’s spiritual gender is directly defined by His act in creating life outside of Himself. Have you ever seen a man pregnant with a child? Certainly, not! A man doesn’t have the equipment to do so. Instead, the man gives to a woman outside of himself so that the woman might bare and nurture new life inside of herself. Such a reality is reflective of the nature of our transcendent God. God is not “in” or “of” creation as pantheists suggest. Instead, God is the transcendent first cause of all creation that creates new life “outside” of Himself so that we might bare His divine life within.

    God established priests to act in His person. God’s spiritual personhood is male in essence. Because of this, women can never be priests in the same sense men can never gestate children. We must recognize and celebrate our equal dignity but distinct natures.

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