My Interview with Brandon Vogt


January 23, 2013 by mattfradd

Last month while I was speaking at a conference in Florida, I caught up with Brandon Vogt for an interview.

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Topics Discussed:

1:12 – Why is pornography so dangerous?
3:54 – How can men overcome pornography addiction?
5:33 – 1. Admit you have a problem.
5:54 – 2. Prayer and fasting.
7:05 – 3. Accountability.
8:13 – 4. Be open to counseling.
10:04 – 5. Forgive ourselves.
12:39 – How does secular masculinity differ from Catholic masculinity?
16:28 – What’s the most common argument for atheism?
19:45 – How do you respond to the problem of evil?
22:20 – What is Pascal’s Wager and why is it so powerful?


3 thoughts on “My Interview with Brandon Vogt

  1. Rachel says:

    “They are not revolutionaries plotting the demise of a sexually repressed culture. They know what they’re doing is wrong.” lol I love it when you say that Matt. I feel the same way. Im English and as such I know lots of other English people who say “oh we’re so Victorian in our attitudes towards sex in this country, we’re afraid of sexuality, we need to get with the times like the rest of the world, bla bla bla…” and Im like “If thats the case, if we’re so repressed and Victorian, how come I cant go to the shopping centre (the mall) without being bombarded by enormous images of hyper-suxualised models wearing skimpy underwear and biting riding crops between their teeth (im not even exaggerating)? Or go into town without having my nose pushed into posters for lap dance clubs?” Its risiculous. The problem is not thet we’re repressed, because we are so not. The problem is that we have sex rammed down our throats, but not nice sex as God intended it, Im talking about a warped idea of sex that the culture is pushing onto us, i.e. girls have to be stick thin, blonde and have to put out, and boys have loads of sex with loads of different girls and there shouldnt be any concequences, and I think you have to be a seriously misguided individual to buy into that.

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