Exciting New Book: We Need Your Help!


April 17, 2013 by mattfradd


I want to draw your attention to an exciting product that will be released later this year.

The product will be a book; an anthology of 10 stories of men, women, and married couples who have been, in some way or another, affected by pornography, and have experienced a great degree of healing.

What’s in the book

The book will include stories from a former porn star; two women (Jessica Harris and Audrey Assad) who struggled with pornography; stories from men (including a clinical psychotherapist, Dr. Peter Kleponis, who specializes in helping people overcome porn addiction); an interview with a stripper (actually three interviews: I interviewed her during her employment as a stripper, after we got her out, and then finally, after we got her to the sacrament of confession), as well as a powerful story from a husband and wife who alternate paragraphs.

The book is forwarded by Jason Evert. It also contains an awesome practical appendix.

$2 each!

When Catholic Answers agreed to publish this book, I told them that a great way to have it fail would be to sell them at full price—there’s a reason you can’t name many books whose sole purpose is to help those struggling with pornography heal.

Sure there are books about the sociological, and neurological impacts of porn, but a book which lays out a blue print on how to be free through personal stories of those who’ve been in your shoes? I can’t name one.

So, out goal is to sell them, individually, yes, but also in bulk! Because while you may not wish to incriminate yourself by purchasing a book.

I know hundreds of men (and women) who have leadership roles within the Church who are more than willing to incriminate thousands of other people! We’re aiming to sell them for $2 a book.

Naming The Book

It is proving extremely difficult to name the book. This is where you come in. We’re looking for a name that is catchy; that summarizes the hope we believe our readers will come away with after having read the book, and one that has the word pornography (or porn) either in the title or subtitle.

The two names that we are currently considering are

Porn Free: Stories from Porn to Purity, and, Delivered: Stories from Porn to Purity.

We’re aware that neither of those titles are fantastic, and that is why we’re asking you to help us.

Please think, and pray about a title and subtitle and enter it into the comment box below. If your title is selected we will send you:

1. A box of the books (which you named!)

2. My DVD, The Man Talk.

3. And my two audio products, Taking Down Goliath & The Ugly Truth

Thank you so much!

Totus Tuus Maria.

30 thoughts on “Exciting New Book: We Need Your Help!

  1. Will Brewer says:

    FLESHing Out the Truth: Courageous Stories Encouraging a Transition from Porn to Purity

  2. Matt c. says:

    Into the Son: Shinning His light into the darkness

    Pornography Unchained: breaking free of the addiction

  3. Megan Augustine says:

    A Purified Image: Stories from Porn to Purity.

  4. Judith Coy says:

    Imprisoned No More – From Porn to Peace or
    Unshackled – The Path to Freedom from Pornography

  5. Katie Freddino says:

    Freed: Freedom from the enslavement of porn
    Unchained: Breaking free from porn’s shackles (or embrace)

  6. chris milbrandt says:

    Going porn free.

    In & Out

    Flesh and Freedom

    *im thinking a play on chicken soup for the soul, but coming up blank. Also, a “for dummies” play on words. Ill try again tomorrow. 🙂

  7. Porn Free: To Virtue from Vice

  8. Phil says:

    “Washed Clean – from porn to purity.” It comes from 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 which uses the Greek word πόρνοι (Pornoi) for fornication/debauchery from which we get the word pornography.

    Glad to see things are going so well for you and Cameron and family. Greetings from a wet and windy Donegal!

  9. Kelvin says:

    I Am Truly Free!

  10. emmafradd says:

    Lies that feel like truth.

  11. jeremy says:

    In the Light: Stepping out of the shadows of pornography and embracing purity.

  12. jeremy says:

    In the Light: Stepping out from the shadows of pornography and embracing purity.

  13. Tyler S says:

    Logged Out: Stories of the Washed and Redeemed

  14. Ray says:

    1. Healing Within: Stories from Porn to Purity.

    2. Purifying the Heart: Stories from Porn to Purity.

    3. Purifying the Heart: Real stories of life in the trenches of Porn, and how to break free.

    4. Life after the trenches: Stories on how to win the war on Porn.

    5. Life outside the trenches: Real stories and strategies on winning the war on Porn.

    Feel free to mix and match any of these. Thank you Matt for everything you do. I can’t wait for the release date of this book. God Bless!!

  15. Kevin Maginity says:

    Overcoming the Lie of Pornography – Personal Testimonies

  16. Michael Gavina says:

    Porn: The Last Resort

  17. David P. says:

    UNCHAINED: From Porn to Purity
    (borrowing from both Matt & Katie’s ideas)

  18. Danny Baxter says:

    Porn No More: On the path to purity
    Porn No More: Stories from the path to purity

  19. Brenda Gamble says:

    A Life Saved: My Path from Porn to Purity

  20. David says:

    Rescued : From the drowning waters of Porn

  21. Gerald McGrane says:

    Beauty untwisted: Men, women and couples break free from porn

  22. Joshua Fatzinger says:

    1. Scorning Porn
    2. The Throne of Porn
    3. Be Born out of Porn
    4. Porn et Spes
    5. Porn and Hope
    6. Porn: There is a way out
    7. Life after Porn

  23. How about “Dying to the Flesh: Stories of Freedom from Pornography through the Cross of Christ.” Or variations upon.

  24. Reggie says:

    Title: journey towards healing
    (the power of Gods delervierence from pornography)

  25. says:

    Porn vs Purity

  26. Colin says:

    Porn Again Christians: The Journey Back to Purity

  27. Glenn shultz says:

    Esto castus! Breaking free from the chains of porn!

  28. diego says:

    1) Little souls on a journey : porn unleashed by purity

    2) Dwelling into God”s Mercy : recovery from the bottom floor of pornography

    3) The battle scars of Love : true stories from the effects of pornography

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