Pornography is a Tough Sell!


April 27, 2013 by mattfradd



Here’s a recent article that John, the marketing director at Catholic Answers, wrote about trying to sell some of my products!

We all know that pornography consumption around the world is at an epidemic level, and it’s no secret that it’s having disastrous effects on relationships, marriages, and society at large.

The problem is only exacerbated by the availability of pornography online.

According to the, more than 1 in 8 Internet searches are for erotic content. 67% of children admit to clearing their Internet history to hide their online activity, while 79% of accidental exposures to Internet porn among kids take place in the home.

Equally disturbing is the fact that 56% of divorce cases involve one party having an obsession with online porn.

These statistics are not lost on us here at Catholic Answers. With the addition of Matt Fradd to the apostolate, we have released several great products over the last two years on the dangers of pornography and what the Church teaches about authentic human sexuality. As the director of marketing for Catholic Answers, however, I have encountered a level of difficulty in actually getting these products into the hands of the people they could help the most.

Think about this for just a minute: How likely would you be to purchase a product on the dangers of pornography at a conference or from a Christian bookstore? It is likely that people shy away from this, not because they don’t recognize that they might have a problem with pornography but because they are not willing to publicly indict themselves. This is true also for people who know someone with a problem, yet they may hesitate to pick it up for fear that others will get the wrong idea.

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8 thoughts on “Pornography is a Tough Sell!

  1. Ted Seeber says:

    Heck- your tax money is paying for it. HHS hired Planned Parenthood to produce this:
    [note from Matt: didn’t want to give the link airtime as it was sexually explicit]

  2. Jeff says:


    Thank to all your work and resources, I realized how bad pornography and masturbation are.

    But still, I couldn’t stop doing it, I was addicted. But even though I couldn’t do it by myself, you gave good advice on how to get out of it. What helped me the most is the sacrament of confession. Before going to confession, I couldn’t spend more than 2 days before falling into the sin. After confession, I would suddenly stop being tempted for weeks! until I felt again, then the addiction came back. But with every confession, God’s love simply heals you from it and the temptation becomes easier to fight.

    The other thing that really helped me is fasting. How? because it teaches you self mastery. You feel hunger, but you decide that you are simply going to feel it. It teaches you that you are in command of your body, not the slave of the flesh. So when comes temptations to pornography, you can say no to the urge.

    Thank you Matt for what you do, I hope my testimony can help someone who is dealing with the same sins.

    • Nathan Costin says:

      Thanks for sharing Jeff.

      I think all Catholics need a reminder of just how powerful the sacrament of confession is. It is a beautiful gift for all of us, where Christ in his infinite mercy gives us the grace and healing we need to overcome and win our battles.

      How wonderful that Christ is there waiting for me every time I fall!

      Totally agree with this article. There is a massive stigma around buying products relating to pornography (dangers of pornography, over-coming porn etc.). I’ve bought so many theology of the body, relationships, and sexuality books, but I distinctly remember every item I have bought relating to Catholic teaching and pornography because I’ve always felt the need to explain myself to the shop assistant! (“It’s for a youth group”, “I’m a Campus Minister”).

      Anyway, hearing Matt’s interviews with April and Donny was a massive eye-opener for me. I’d really encourage everyone to have a listen. It’s a very scary and revealing insight into the porn industry.

      • john1513 says:

        Yes. When we buy these products we’re basically lighting up a neon sign that says “Look at me, I’m a pathetic and horrible man!” (which may or may not be true in some cases). Some people just want to buy a book or CD without looking like a monster.

  3. Trying being an Ex-Porn Actor turned Catholic missionary…I have not received 1 invitation to a Catholic church, Catholic radio, or television program, but many kind and charitable doors have opened to minister in the Protestant world…one that I just finished yesterday in Southern California. Catholics get your head out of the sand.

  4. john1513 says:

    I would say your answer is in the marketing. Consider titles such as “Conquering the Flesh” or relating to Purity, Chastity, Charity, Christian love, etc. Pornography, lust, and other issues can be shown as subtitles or content bullet points along with the positive subjects that cure the vices: Theology of the Body, marriage, being a husband/father, confession, Eucharist, avoiding media, reading more books, hobbies, relationships, prayer life, interior life, etc. If it’s mostly negative, it makes the buyer look and feel negative (even though they’re dealing with something profoundly negative like pornogrpahy)

    Titles that send messages such as:

    “Get this book if you’re a rotten, hopeless porn addict: You’re not a functioning member of the Body of Christ” or
    “How to stop wasting your life on porn” or
    “How you’re killing your spouse every time you can’t control yourself by avoiding porn” or
    “Fix your messed up life from porn addiction” or
    “You’re a horrible person so you need this CD!”

    (and similar titles) will not help you sell your product. As you stated, no one wants to be accused and stoned by the very title of product they want to buy.

    I would not want to be caught with some of your products combating pornography based on their current titles even though I’m very interested in the content. Put a positive title on it, overcome darkness with light. We know men have greater issues with pornography than women so address pornography in men’s material. A great example is the content in the That Man is You! men’s program.

    • Jon Sorensen says:

      Why do you think Catholic Answers has negative product titles? They only have three at the moment. One is called “Pure of Heart.” Another is called “Taking Down Goliath: Five Strategies to get Porn out of Your Life.” The product that this blog post is referring to is about the pornography industry and how what happens behind the scenes is destroying peoples lives. It is titled “The Ugly Truth: Two Former Insiders Expose the Reality Behind the Porn Industry.” None of these are anything like your exaggerated titles.

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