My Favorite St. Joseph Quote


May 1, 2013 by mattfradd


9 thoughts on “My Favorite St. Joseph Quote

  1. jeanne says:

    Nice Picture, but am I missing something? I thought a quote required text.

    • mattfradd says:

      St. Joseph is never recorded saying anything in the Gospels. This was my clever way of teaching that. 🙂

      • jeanne says:

        I guess I am just too literal. I get it now, just didn’t when I first looked at it. I did get the love between him and Jesus, that came through loud and clear.

  2. Rob says:

    Hahaha, I get it.

  3. Daniel Arseneault says:

    I think that’s the point.

  4. Kendra says:


  5. Charbel says:


    A picture says a thousand words!

  6. aidan says:

    lol nice one! 🙂 although he must have said something, sometime during his life with Mary, i wonder what advice he gave Jesus growing up? I heard somewhere he was quiet a bit older than Mary as well with kid’s from a former marriage? if i’ve been misinformed let me know please.

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