Should a Christian Woman Wear a Bikini?


July 11, 2013 by mattfradd


A couple of weeks back I decided to take my five year old son, Liam, and four year old daughter, Avila, to a friends pool for a swim.

Liam and I were sitting on the couch waiting for Avila to get in her bathers on.

Avila strutted into the living room with her new tankini (tank top and bottoms) on. “Ready!” she shouted!

“Oh she can’t wear that Dad!” Liam said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because you can see her womb and that’s too special to show!” Liam said (not making this up).

Touche Liam! Avila wont be wearing that swim suit again. 🙂

In the following clip, fashion designer Jessica Rey offers compelling reasons why women should think twice before donning a bikini. But she doesn’t just stop there, Jessica offers a positive alternative with her classy line of swimwear. The link’s at the bottom of this page.

Check out Jessica’s site

So go on, give your feedback. 😉

107 thoughts on “Should a Christian Woman Wear a Bikini?

  1. Momof2girls says:

    This is complicated. My daughters have never worn bikinis. I think it’s okay as an adult woman with her husband alone on a romantic vacation (kinda like lingerie) but not in front the children. Remember recently when Stephanie Seymour was photographed on the beach in a bikini with her son? She’s walking and kissing him. It appeared inappropriate and many people commented on it. Whole bathing suits are more flattering most of the time. I liked this woman’s designs.

    • crystal says:

      Wearing a bikini on a romantic vacation with one’s husband sounds okay on the surface, until one remembers that once the woman and her husband leave the hotel suite, many other men will see her body on display. Their eyes will be drawn to her figure and their minds will be drawn towards sex. Many of these men might end up having sinful, lustful thoughts that they would not have had if the woman had worn less revealing clothing. A woman’s body is extremely beautiful, as it was created by God for loving her husband and for bringing forth children from that love. Wearing a bikini creates an occasion for sin in men, strangers on the beach or where ever she chooses to wear that bikini. Our Lady siad that souls were falling like snowflakes into Hell from sexual sins and I would hate to think that something as easily fixed as the clothing one wears to the beach can lead souls into Hell. I wear a bathing suit that is a tank top with a three-quarter sleeve jacket (when not in the water) and swim shorts. My daughter wears swim shorts and a bathing short sleeve shirt. We have as much fun in the water as anyone else, don’t lead men into sin, and get less of a sunburn to boot.

  2. GlobalGovernmentPatriot says:

    Look, reguardless of someone’s religion…they should wear whatever they’re comfortable in. If a Christian girl is comfortable shoing off her body in a bikini then by all means show it off. On the flipside, if someone isn’t comfortable doing so…then they shouldn’t be forced to wear something they feel unfomfortable in. No religion should force it’s adherants to dress a certain way. This is one of the main reasons that I disagree with organized religion.

    • paulambro says:

      An adherent to Christianity is not forced… they choose to be Christian and thus what it means to be a Christian. What’s wrong with organized religion? You prefer it be disorganized?

      • GlobalGovernmentPatriot says:

        My problem with organized religions is that they all say that they’re the only “true” religion and that the rest are “false”. To me, I believe that we should have a single religion that takes the best parts of each religion and discards the worst. I also don’t believe in individual…national governments but rather a single global government. But you can probably tell that from my name.

      • Jupp says:

        Global, I agree with you about there needing to just be one religion. We’ll take all the good and true from each one, and leave the rest behind. Then, of course, some people will go and start their own false religions, each with bits and parts of our perfect one and we’ll be back to where we are today. So how do you know that the one perfect combination isn’t out there swamped and obscured by all these other ones?

    • jpetit1399 says:

      You completely miss the point of why it is frowned upon. Christian women should most definitely be comfortable with their bodies (ideally, we all would be), but a very simple way of honoring one’s own body is modesty. A good Christian woman knows that her body is not meant to be a temptation for men; she loves her brothers in Christ so much that she won’t set them up for failure by causing them to lust after her. A good Christian woman knows her own dignity and realizes her body must be protected, not used to gain attention. She is humble and virtuous, qualities that make her beautiful instead of “sexy.”

      • mrssamm says:

        Modest is hottest 😉

      • Edith Berry says:

        I am 62 yearsold and have seen a bit in my years. Yes we are to live and dress in such a way that we don’t temp others. On the other hand it’s not always the job for the opposite sex to prevent someone from lust. What ever happened to control yourself? We shouldn’t always be blaming someone else for our enjoyment of lust. And with all that I have to say I love the respect that , that young child has been taught about the womb!

      • Christina says:

        I completely agree with this! Being a teenager myself, I know what it is like to have to deal with this. The Christian school that I go to requires that when we go on school trips at such, we have to wear one piece bathing suits. Same with church trips. I have never found this to be an issue (other than the fact that now-a-days, it’s hard to find good one-piece bathing suits for girls that aren’t extremely expensive). Even when I am going to the YMCA pool with my brother, I don’t find it a problem to wear a one-piece; I prefer it, no matter what my friends or even strangers think about me because I’m not wearing a bikini. After a talk by a girl that came to my church, it has helped me realize even more that it is our responsibility to be modest and we need to be courteous to the guys around us, because it is hard for them to keep pure thoughts if they see a girl in a bikini. It’s not that they’re awful people, they’re guys, and that is something that they are all going to struggle with. It’s just the way that God made them. He didn’t make them to be sinful like that, but guys are more able to see the natural beauty of a women than we are ourselves.

      • Jupp says:

        well put

      • TheImmovableOne says:

        So you’re saying that Christian men are incapable of practicing self control? If a man is truly good then he should look upon the beauty of a woman’s body with neither lust nor distaste. He should be unmoved as if he were gazing upon a spring flower. You’re saying that the women must cater to mens’ weaknesses instead of the men taking responsibility for their own decisions/thoughts/behaviors. The responsibility lies with those with the unbalanced behavior. I am a man and I take full responsibilities for my thoughts and actions. I am not a baby, needing women to hide themselves from me in order to “protect” me. Are men that weak of will, that lazy that we can’t control ourselves? If a man allows himself to be consumed by a woman’s body then it is his own folly. There is nothing that special about a woman’s… or man’s body for that matter. It is simply matter organized in such a way as to survive and reproduce. What is alluring about that? There is no need to worry about insignificant matters such as what a woman wears. To conquer oneself is the greatest victory one can achieve. What is lust to one who has conquered themselves?: a petty matter indeed.

    • Justine says:

      As a woman, and a women with 3 beautiful daughters, I have always told them we have a responsibility to men, not only the ones we love, but all men, to not put them in a situation of temptation or unpure thoughts. They are men, so we can’t control everything they think about, : ) but we do have power in our bodies and it’s not fair to them to show off what should be saved for our husband. I don’t think this has anything to do with organized religion, although I am so grateful for the learned experience of the church. But rather its a respect for others, not just ourselves.

    • Osasco says:

      It is also a question of ignorance. When you learn what is behind what you do, eat, ware, you may automatically chose what is more comfortable.

    • Frank Benites says:

      I respect your opinion. Bur I’m interested in your comment concerning the Princeton study that was mentioned in the video. How men, when shown pictures of women in bikini’s, liken them as to something to be used, e.g. hammer or a screwdriver. Whereas pictures of modestly dressed women ushered in responses of relationship and caring. That study had nothing to do with one’s religious affiliation. Does any woman truly desire to be objectified?

  3. cynde says:

    Jesus teaches that if a man looks upon a woman to lust
    after her, he commits adultery in his heart (Mat 5:28). His followers
    know that if a woman dresses in a way to attract a man’s attention and
    he looks and lusts then they’re both guilty; the man, because he
    desires a woman who is not his wife and the woman because she doesn’t
    love God or her neighbour. If she loved God, she would care more about
    what he thinks than being attractive to a man and if she loved her
    neighbour, she wouldn’t dress to be a stumbling block to him. That’s
    why his true prophets instructed women to dress in such a way not to
    cause men to stumble (I Tim 2:9,10).

    • That’s the same line of thought as ‘a woman shouldn’t dress a certain way so she doesn’t get raped’. Well, men should have self control. Or men shouldn’t go shirtless. Because seriously, guys in the Olympics just dressed in Speedos? Love it.

      • Alexis: If it were “the same line of thought,” then “cynde” (or for that matter, the Gospel of Matthew) would have said precisely that. Neither did. No, women who dress immodestly are not responsible for being assaulted, and no, rape is not about sex, but power. That said, dressing immodestly in certain settings does increase the chances of unwanted attention, and the advances of a man’s sexual overtures can, given that pride is wounded, give rise to the use of power to compensate. In addition, one might draw a comparison to men wearing Speedos in Olympic sports (which is to minimize drag in competitive events, not to show off), there is a considerable difference in the arousal curve of men and women.

        Ironically, the vast majority of men employ swimwear that is much more modest than, say, twenty or thirty years ago. I mean, baggy shorts to the knee, if not just past it? Quite a difference when you compare the two, don’t you think?

        Or don’t you?

  4. Carrie says:

    Okay, first let me say that I am all about being modest and I truly believe that our bodies are a temple. I try to instill modesty in not only my two daughters, but also in my son. However, wearing a two piece is not so much about being over-revealing to me as it is about being comfortable. You see, I have always been tall, thin and have a long torso…which (sorry to be so blunt here) makes trying to find a one piece that doesn’t ride up your rear almost impossible!!! Not every bikini or two piece wearing female is trying to look sexy. Therefore, I choose a to wear a two piece and typically wear a cover up while walking around others or in the presence of a large group of people. The way I see it, if someone is trying to get a lustful look while I’m quickly trying to get into or out of the water…they are the ones with moral issues that they need to deal with! There is such a huge problem with sexualizing everything these days and it is pretty disturbing that women get blamed it.

    • Theresa says:

      We can all get caught in the trap of making excuses for dressing immodestly; it doesn’t make it right. Loving and caring about our fellow men should be the standard we strive for, not an un christian attitude of “it’s his problem if he looks; too bad, I’ll where what I want”

      • That wasn’t an excuse. She gave a valid reason. Clothes are made to fit ‘most’ people. If she has an (and I only mean abnormally as in ‘out of the norm’, not as in strange) abnormally long torso, then her logic is reasonable. And the whole burden of lust prevention should not fall on women, nor should women be expected to not have lustful desires.

    • Tommy says:

      Here is a blog post you might find interesting on the actual Catholic position of modesty.

      • sempre says:

        THANK YOU, Tommy. Just what I was trying to get at but ever so much more eloquent! JP2 of all people should not be misquoted on this subject. He loved life, and living, and people. He was no ascetic!

    • Jennifer says:

      You could always wear board shorts and a rash guard.

  5. Old enough to know better says:

    Oh for pity’s sake. women have worn bikinis for 70 years now. my very prudish mom wore them when I was a kid. It is in the heart that we need to be purse. Will you burn all the paintings of Our Lady nursing baby Jesus? If you aren’t wearing anything that actually means in context, that you are offering sin, and if you aren’t wearing anything expensive (like Mormon Jessica Rey’s line (btw she lies about history and the alleged scientific (it wasn’t) study), and as long as you aren’t trying to be holier than thou by how you dress, you are fine.

    • ktcortes says:

      Don’t know where this person got his/her info, but here’s some helpful links that show the information in this video is not exaggerated, or made up.

      Here is a article written in The Daily Princetonian about the Princeton University study :

      Here is an article on about the history of bikinis

    • Theresa says:

      I’m not saying this was your intention, however, comparing beautiful paintings of Our Lady nursing our dear Lord to wearing a bikini seems blasphemous. It’s comparing the sacred and the profane. Our Lady is realizing her great dignity as a woman by breastfeeding baby Jesus. Wearing a bikini is unnecessarily revealing sacred parts of her body for no purpose other than to attract. Sometimes prudish mothers do the wrong thing. None of us is perfect; we are all sinners in need of redemption.

  6. Brochey2 says:

    They should wear thongs and g strings, go topless, and flirt with men…. oh wait… they already do………………

  7. Janice says:

    The way I look at it, wearing a bikini is pretty much like wearing your underwear out in public: You’re showing the same amount of skin. I don’t understand how some of my female friends are a-okay with strolling on a beach around hundreds of people with only two, little pieces of material on, but would be absolutely embarrassed if someone caught them in only their underwear. I actually bought a bikini a few years ago because I wanted to fit in with everyone else, instead of wearing a more modest swimsuit. But I’ve never worn it and it’s still sitting in the bottom drawer of my dresser (I don’t know why I haven’t gotten rid of it). I think I realized that the only person I want to show that much skin to is my future husband…and not a whole beach-load of strangers.

  8. Emily says:

    How about we teach men not to objectify a woman, and not have her appearance influence their opinions, rather than tell women to dress differently! Women are not objects, and men are not animals! Yes, it is a woman’s choice how she dresses modestly, or immodestly. Just as she expects respect and equal attention from men dressing modestly, other women who wear more revealing clothing should have the same respect from men and women; our physical appearance is not a valid thing to judge on what kind of person you are!

    • Jon says:

      You can’t teach someone to not be affected by original sin. If that were the case, perhaps we could all walk around as Adam and Eve: butt naked. As it is, however, man has known God’s Law for thousands of years and no one (yet) has discovered the secret to complete piety while surrounded by practically naked women.

      • Yes they have–Eunuchs.

      • sempre says:

        Sexual desire is not sin. It is also not ‘original sin’. The concept of original sin is that we all (men and women) have a tendency towards sinfulness. Not just sexual sin. Sin (the last time I checked with the Church’s teaching) requires three circumstances: understanding, intent, and freedom. You can’t sin accidentally or automatically.

    • Tommy says:

      Thank you so much Emily for this comment. Here is a blog post you might enjoy.

    • Caitlin says:

      Did you even HEAR the part of the video that went into the scientific evidence on how men’s brains react to a woman’s body? It’s NATURAL. In order to help them SEE us for being a soul first, we should aide them in wearing clothing and swimsuits that attractively don us, but do not expose us unnecessarily.

      I get the most compliments in my one piece. I feel comfortable, can actually catch waves while bodysurfing and NOT worry about losing a top or bottom and, as one woman put it, “look like a million bucks”. That’s not too shabby after having 6 kids!

    • Christine McCaffery says:

      We have “hardware” and “software”, kind of like computers…I mean, computers were made more in our image than we might want to admit. But I digress. Breathing is hardwire. We don’t have to think about it for it to happen. Our heart beating is hardwire, we don’t have to concentrate on that. Our sexual instinct, is hardware. No amount of training is going to stop it. But the opposite sex does have the capacity to “lead us not into temptation” by how we dress and speak, and our actions.

    • Miguel says:

      I agree that a woman has the choice to wear whatever she wants, but like Jon said, “You can’t teach someone to not be affected by original sin.” If we were still in original innocence, we could walk around naked without objectifying the body. However, you and I are descendants of a race that sinned, and no one will have “complete piety while surrounded by practically naked women”, or at least until the body is redeemed when our Lord comes in glory… until then, we are responsible for the message we send to our brothers’ (and sisters) in Christ through our bodies.This is what JP2 the Great says:

      “After original sin, the spousal meaning of the body was to remain inscribed in the depth of the human heart as a distant echo of original innocence.”

      General Audience, Feb. 20, 1980.

      • sempre says:

        Read Tommy’s link above to read what John Paul 2 actually thought – and it isn’t what you’re implying at all.

    • sempre says:

      What an intelligent response, Emily. One of the problems with most of these posts is that they speak as if women were objects – which means you are doing the very thing that Jesus warns about, you are taking away their dignity as a person and relegating them to a stereotype. Why are women the only gender who can be lusted after Don’t we have sexual feelings? What kind of swimwear is modest and appropriate for men? Does anyone truly think that women can’t ‘lust’ after men? Personally I find a bare male chest very sexy – or a man’s shoulders in a suit coat for that matter!
      There is a difference between honest enjoyment of the beauty of God’s creation (including our bodies) and lust. Lust does not simply mean sexual desire – it implies objectification, an attitude of debasement, and intent. Desire is not the same as lust.Desire is a natural and God-given impulse that we can control, or not, according to our own free will. Lust is never good.
      Also, in many cases the one-piece is far more ‘revealing’, in the sense that it outlines and highlights every part of the body. A bikini is often designed with detail or features that to some extent distract from this – or they can be. It’s not about one or two-piece suits. What is considered desirable or ‘lustworthy’ is also cultural. For some any part of a woman’s face is likely to be an object of lust and must be covered. Who decides? Let’s not go down the road of that loathsome comment we had here in Australia a year or so back likening women to rotten meat and men to carnivores.
      And as for, ‘You can see her womb!’ – the little boy needs to be gently corrected – you cannot see her uterus even if she is naked (anymore than you can see her stomach or intestines), and the area of the body where the little girl’s uterus would be was certainly not on display in a tankini – nor even in a bikini, seeing as it is barely above the pubic bone even in an adult woman! What was the little boy wearing? Could his sister see parts of his body that are meant to be ‘special’? Most little boys I know leave very little to the imagination in their little swimsuits.
      I am much more concerned about a father allowing his 5 year old son to make decisions about what the 4 year old sister should wear – Burqa, anybody??

  9. Jessica Rey makes some excellent points and some gorgeous swimsuits! However, the tankini that you describe here – the one worn by your tiny daughter – sounds like a functional, cute, appropriate swimsuit. I am not her parent, but if it were me, I would probably acknowledge the boy’s point, but explain that in this situation, she can show her tummy, which is what I think was showing. It isn’t the same thing as showing a body area that should always be covered and doesn’t jeopardize her safety. After all, one assumes that another adult – her mother, perhaps? – bought it for her and deemed it appropriate. Why let a five year old’s inexperienced judgment override that? It sounds from this anecdote as if the males in the family decide what the females wear, and I doubt this is the message you want to put out there.

    • indietim says:

      I think the point is, if a 5-year-old can look and see his little sister as showing a very special part of her body (her womb) then we should listen and perhaps strive to conceal that and more. Who says a child is inexperienced at judging, when in fact children see things much clearer.

      • Christine McCaffery says:


      • Leona Pelke says:

        I think the 5 year old has been taught the body parts completely incorrectly and that is the sin here…not a little girl with a bit of tummy showing.. To me it sounds as though the parents who taught this little boy are really good at twisting facts when answering questions about the human body…how many 5 year olds even know what a wombs is, never mind where it is…and by the way it’s not in the stomach area a little girl would be showing while wearing a 2 piece bathing suit unless it was a Brazilian cut bottom

      • Kate says:

        Leona, where do you think a womb is? Brazilian cut bottoms show a woman’s buttocks, not stomach; where underlies the womb of a female. The child knows where a womb is located presumably because his parents have taught him that is where babies grow: his younger sibling(s), the Son of God, and all human beings, for that matter. The womb *is* special! It protects and fosters life at it’s most vulnerable stages. All parents try to pass on their values to their children. I don’t see how it is “twisted” or manipulative, as you may suggest by saying so, to teach correct anatomy, or to try to protect their daughter AND son from sinning.

        I don’t think it was sinful of the little girl to want to wear a tankini at all– she is under the age of moral reasoning! I think it is wonderful that her brother and father are looking out for her though, and passing on their beliefs, discomforts, and protectiveness. Personally, when I hear tankini, I think of a tank top and bottoms that are separate, but do not show any tummy, but that was obviously not the case here.

        I think anyone equating this to a woman deserving or causing her own rape is sorely missing the point here. A woman doesn’t cover up so a man won’t rape her; she is covering up so as not to lead a man into the temptation of fantasizing about having sex with her (which is seen as sinful for Christians– to entertain the thought of a sin, or to lead another into it). This could be any male from 11-75! It could be somebody’s relative (even their own before he notices it is his relation!) We are protecting our modesty– demanding to be looked in the eye, noticed for what we say and think, and not how large chested or flat stomached we are. We are protecting our brothers from thinking lustfully (that doesn’t always come down to rape!) We are doing it out of love, just as my father or brother would tell me, out of love, when I am wearing a shirt that would cause a man to have difficulty thinking pure thoughts in my presence. It all comes down to loving someone by helping them to be their best– man or woman!

    • Dave says:

      Well said. I think people read into to things way to much. The human body should be beautiful and not something to be ashamed of or treated like a sex object. Wear what your comfortable with. Catholic religion needs to stop judging people. Ticks me off in how they think they are so much better then other people and by that I mean other religions and to those who don’t attend church regularly every Sunday. By this Catholics it does not mean god divides us and your a better person for it. It’s not your job to judge others. Only Gods.

      • Yes, some Catholics judge others. Just like some Protestants , Muslims, Buddhists and every other religion under the sun. Man and Women are frail and weak. God offers us through His authority (not ours) to combat and over come those weakness built into the human fabric. Looking and lusting after other women does the soul no good! My advice is to go home look and admire your wife!! She’s the greatest gift given to man from God!

        Peace to you!!!!!!

      • GlobalGovernmentPatriot says:

        See, the thing is that I get to go out and pick up another girl just as long as she’s bi…because my wife is bi and the rule is that i can’t get sex from anyone she can’t have sex with.

      • Sally says:

        You’ve missed the point and have read too much into this. He’s not judging any other Christians, he is grouping Christians as a whole, & asking if Christian women should wear bikinis or not. No mention of Catholic Christians, specifically. Nor is he judging non-christians…only asking if CHRISTIAN women should wear bikinis.

      • GlobalGovernmentPatriot says:

        I agree with you about Catholicism being judgemental. But so are all the mono-theistic religions.

      • Miguel says:

        Dave & GlobalGovernmentPatriot,

        I guess some people do stuff to get angry (i.e. search for and read explicitly Catholic pages by prominent Catholic figures in the hopes of challenging those beliefs?). Here, have a meme (different terms, same concept):

        God Bless!

      • Dave says:

        Sorry folks, but no other religion judges people more then any other religion then the catholic religion does. All other churches with their thoughts and beliefs mean nothing to them as we are just break away churches in their eyes and the only way we can be saved is by attending the catholic church every Sunday. Bull, I believe in God and I certaintly do not need to be saved by attending a catholic church every sunday. Catholics are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites trying to tell people how to live their lives and/or how to dress. Clearly I won’t waste another second of my time to read/listen to anything catholics have to say. I value my life to much then to waste my vaulable time.

      • “Catholic religion needs to stop judging people.” You’re judging others right now.

  10. TGG says:

    A tankini is a fine alternative to an ill fitting bathing suit on the slim girl. A one piece bathing suit thats too short, rides up and one that is the next size up gapes and leaves all kinds of parts exposed. The tank top with boy short bottoms was one of the best finds we ever made.

  11. Nives says:

    You should come to an European beach and would see that bikini is the most modest wear you will find. Now, it is topless and thongs. But bikini is for the beach. On most shops you can find a sign not to enter only in swimming suite. You will attract atention if you are wearing something else than a bikini. The important thing is the size, not to wear too small bikini…
    And in public, modesty for lady is to cover sholders and knees. Jassica Ray is not wearing a modest dress….

  12. Our Lady, The Virgin Mary, Said In One Of Her Messages At Bayside New York, Apperation’s That The Flesh That Is Being Exposed Will Burn, Because Of The Immodesty Of Today’s World!Your’s For The Greatest Divine Universal Glory Of God! Bless You! Raymond A. Zisk

    • The visions at Bayside were repudiated by the local bishop. Fortunately, Our Lady expressed similar opinions at Fatima.

      • Yes, The Local Bishop Did Repudiate The Bayside Messages, Basic ally Because He Didn’t Like What Was Being Said About Vatican II By Our Lady’s Message’s, And I Must Add That There Was Never A Formal Investigation By The Vatican Heirchy! Raymond A. Z

      • The local bishop, and not “The Vatican Heirchy [sic],” is the party that ordinarily investigates alleged apparitions, and makes the necessary determinations concerning them. And please read what the Catechism says (#65-67) regarding private revelations.

    • sempre says:

      Oh please – by what authority do you dare to quote from the Virgin Mary?

  13. Lourdes says:

    A little girl will probably wear what her mother wears. A little girl may wear a one piece bathing suit or a modest bikini with a proper top fitting her age. At the beach you are supposed to wear outfits that are comfortable for swimming and that dry well and quickly. A huge swimsuit that takes ages to dry is no good. A tiny bikiny exposing too much is no good either if you care. Nor is it good to stand about putting sun lotion on all exposed parts of your wonderful body while surrounded by strangers. But of such things you become aware in time, all by yourself. The same goes for the outfits you wear in the street, and even more so to Church. Tank top, shorts, mini skirt: Not fitting for Church, but I see that often.
    In the end, it is personal and every woman or man (and for children, every parent) must decide what they wear.

  14. end of story says:

    not enough cloth on a bikini to cover necessary parts..

  15. revspitz says:

    If they are under 10 years old. That’s about it.

  16. Mathew says:

    CCC 2521-2527, “Purity requires modesty which, while protecting the intimate center of the person, expresses the sensitivity of chastity. It guides how one looks at others and behaves toward them inconformity with the dignity of persons and their communion. Purity also requires a purification of the social climate by means of a constant struggle against moral permissiveness which is founded on an erroneous conception of human freedom.”

    I understood this to mean that; we NEED to strive for perfection in modesty, but because our “social climate” isn’t perfect, modesty is based on individual situations. Up until this article I thought it normal for women to wear Bikini’s at the beach – didn’t find it to be a “stumbling block” as stated previously. Practically speaking, if you put me in a situation where 9 women at a bar-on-the-beach that were wearing bikini’s and one that was wearing one of the bathing suits designed by Jessica Ray, I’d go respect-on the one that’s dressed modestly – its more attractive!

  17. Tommy says:

    Hey Matt,
    I have always loved your stuff. I have a few problems with this post though. Take a look at this blog and see what you think. My other problem is that this lady is literally making up bogus stuff to promote and sell her product. It’s marketing. If a guy is going to lust he would do it just as easily if not easier with a woman wearing one of her swimsuits as opposed to a bikini.

  18. Sally says:

    As a Christian woman I, myself, choose to be modest. However, the whole tidbit about “covering the womb” is just over the top. A woman can dress modestly and still show her midriff. That area is not the part of the female body the is sexually exploited. Why is it okay for men to walk around in what esentially looks like a pair of boxers, bearing their entire torso, yet not be considered immodest? All Christian men should be modestly covering up with a swim shirt then, as well.

  19. If you listen to the descriptions of the swimwear they usually say it is sexy. That means it has a use that stirs a sexy reaction. This is not to judge. But to point out that if you want to look sexy to the men then is that not making yourself an object? We have been so conditioned over the years to accept sexy as a normal way of wearing clothes that it seems to some that it is ok. Is that what you want for yourself or your daughters? Beauty and sexy are not the same thing in my opinion. The reaction to each type is different. You can appreciate beauty but sexy appeals to the lower nature when looking at a woman not your wife.

    • Lourdes says:

      I agree that sexy is often used to describe outfits in general. It is said of make up, evening robes, the so-called “out of bed” hairstyles, long robes the stars wear on the red carpet…even when they speak of white teeth and say “sexy smile”, i.e. appealing in a sexual way.

  20. Jessica M. says:

    Jessica said at the end that she was discouraged at stores, looking for swimsuits, so she created her own line. I’ve experienced the same thing. I was in a Bible Study group this year at college, and on the night of our last meeting the leader and her roommate shared that this summer, they were wearing one piece swimsuits. They were going to be modest, and make men aspire to their standard–appropriate, since we had just finished Edward Sri’s ‘Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love.’
    So, inspired by the two, I decided that I, too, would take a vow against bikinis this summer. I had an old ‘tankini,’ besides multiple bikinis, and that was it for ‘modest’ in my swim wardrobe. I appealed to my mom to go shopping, and told her of my goal. She was surprised–my own mom! Who read books on theology and saints, who makes a point to go to Adoration regularly! Her reasoning was that if I had the body, why not wear bikinis? I was surprised, and at first a little angry.
    When shopping, my frustration grew. In the teen sizes at JC Penney’s and Wal-Mart, there were tons of bikinis, a few tankinis….and no one pieces. At some point, popular demand brought those swimsuits to stores, and now they are the only things on the racks for teens/juniors, making it so difficult for any wishing to dress modestly to make a decision. I made mine: I found the smallest women’s one-piece I could and bought it.
    When I went swimming with friends, they complimented it. In addition, I heard several whispering among themselves, justifying (rather, trying to) why they wore bikinis.

    • What is immodest about a tankini — I mean, relative to a bikini?

    • Lourdes says:

      You live in the US? That is surprising. I live in Spain and I believe we should be having a lower range of models in everything. But I go to places like Decathlon. It is a large store selling sports clothing and equipment. They have very modest swimsuits from baby size to my XL. You should perhaps look for the competition type swimsuit. They usually cover more.

  21. GlobalGovernmentPatriot says:

    Wow….reading all these replies makes me so grateful that I’m not a Christian. Arguing over what someone chooses to wear is just……………pathetic. Really….it is. That’s why I believe that we should have a single religion for the entire planet that encompasses the best tennants of each religion and discards the worst.

    • Lourdes says:

      Are you going to form part of a jury deciding which parts of each religion are chosen which are discarded?

      • GlobalGovernmentPatriot says:

        I’m honest enough to say that I know that I’m no where near being qualified to do that. I’ll simply entrust that task to those who are much more intelligent and qualified than me. That should be the responsability of the leadership of the world’s numerous religions. But, if they ask for my help…then I’m willing to serve in any capacity I can.

  22. so wearing a bikini turns a woman into a sex object whether she knows it or not… that’s the whole point of the video…it’s not a Catholic Christian issue… it’s an issue of self-respect..

  23. Kelly Wing says:

    A bikini is a euphemism for a bra. One can see the woman basically half naked.

  24. Juliet says:

    I am a former Christian. I am personally modest, but what is wrong with bikini? A whole bathing suit is not much different because it only covers skin. More nakedness creates more reaction per a study I read, but, again, between a bikini and a whole bathing suit, there is not much difference. What about the way a woman behaves? She could be very enticing in a full suit…Christian or not. Some ladies are just more like an ideal. Why not just go with the Burqa (including the eyes) if you want to be sure you or your female possession is being modest and not inducing men (or other women) to lust and envy.

  25. anthony says:

    pls i need to knw if it compulsory to mention how many time someone commit sin when making a confession

    • Yes you need to say how many times to the best that you can remember. God is working through the priest and the type of sin (lying,stealing,etc) and how many times each has occurred is a part of the confession. Yiou are telling God through His priest. You are telling God how many times that you have sinned and you are sorry.

  26. Charles says:

    All these comments suggesting that women have a responsibility to dress in a way which won’t ‘tempt’ men is absolutely revolting. The idea that a woman’s dress must be subject to how any given male will react to it is absurd and a thinly veiled display of sexism. It’s not empowering women, it’s taking power away from them. No amount of dressing up will remove that fact, and the catholics who talk carefully around it are not fooling anyone except themselves. Women can dress however they please without feeling pressured to defer to the judgement of someone else based simply on their sex.

    As an aside, I’d bet any amount of money that not single one of the above commenters would make a complaint about a man’s dress because it might arouse temptation in women.

  27. gladys says:

    it depends on where you are if it is at the beach then it is ok because you cant swim in jeans

  28. So then should men also not wear shirts at all times? Because for me, a shirtless man is a temptation. I am not going to even touch the part of the discussion that would pertain to the fact that even a bikini covers more of the top part of a woman than is on a shirtless man, because the shirtless topic is something else entirely. But also, many one piece bathing suits are cut in such a way that the bottom portion of the bottom is shown, so maybe men and women should all go to the beach in the things that they wore ages ago, the one piece getups with shorts?

    For me, I like to be comfortable in the water, and I am comfortable and in love with the body that I got from genetics or God or however you believe.

    • Alexis both of the genders should not dress to appeal to the sexual desires of the opposite sex. It is not about being comfortable with your body or not that is the question. Do we want to objectify each gender or try to elevate the relations to look for the beauty or handsomeness of the genders with the view to finding the virtues in the person Men should cover reasonably also. A guy in a speedo that has a thin strrip for trunks is not madest either. I must admit that with a guy anatomically it seems harder to do the modesty thing. Maybe the ladies should say what is the sexual appealing things that objectify men. Then the discussion could be better approached.

  29. RationalAtheist says:

    This is so perfectly stereotypical of religious extremists such as yourselves. You can’t look past the superficial element to your religion to see the underlying philosophy of peace, kindness and happiness for everyone. Instead, you focus on the rules and laws set forth by a book written for an entirely different era characterized by war and persecution. This issue isn’t modesty, the issue is that you are all remaining ignorant of the real problems people face all over the world. Instead of trying to spread acceptance, you attempt to further limit personal freedoms based on YOUR religious preference.

    You people are tyrants without a throne. Here’s to hoping you never find your pulpit.

    • Jen says:

      I know, right! These freaking Christians telling us women that our bodies are sacred and good! Bastard, chauvinists!

    • Rachel says:

      Real problems… what like sexism and rape and assault? Becaue thats what happens, and wrongly so, when girls are caught in the trap of not caring about themselves enough so that men will only look at them like theyre play things to be used only for their own personal gratification. When you use the word “freedom” that is the rhetoric used by the culture to trick women into thinking theyre liberated and empowered becaue theyre walking around half naked wheras really if any woman falls into that trap then she is simply enslaving herself to chauvanism where men are getting away left right and centre with treating them like garbage and in alot of cases raping them and they getting away with it more and more because their lawers pretty much say “did you see what she was wearing?” Rapists are walking free because people like you, and I dont even know whether youre male or female yourself, but either way, are justifying the objectification of women under the guise of “freedom.”

  30. Maria Doll says:

    The face should be the focal point of anything we wear. When a bikini is worn, the face is no longer the focal point…it’s all that exposed skin!! Jessica Rey makes some very good points about how men view women who are scantily clad.

  31. M.b. says:

    Old enough to know better-just FYI Jessica Rey is not Mormon. She is Catholic.

  32. Joe K says:

    Just perused through all the comments and you’ve created one heck of a conflict here. I’m disappointed, that not one person (I may have missed it) commented on the fact that your son recognizes (even if just repeating what you have taught him) that “…the womb is too special…” Regardless of what it is too special for, as there is a lot, the lack of a healthy respect for the life giving aspects of human sexuality is what the real problem this world has right now. Good on you for teaching your son the underlying principles on the nature of sexuality. I suspect that if we, as a society, learn and respect the inherent and amazingly awesome blessedness of human sexuality as God designed it, questions like, “should women wear bikinis”, will no longer be needed.

    • Rachel says:

      good point! Liam is a very good little boy.

      • sempre says:

        Liam is being taught that Daddy and Brother have the right to make decisions about Sister. Presumably Mummy bought that tankini for the little girl – and her right to dress her own daughter has been disregarded by the men of the house.

      • Joe K says:

        @sempre, Liam merely made a statement based on a factual observation and expressed that observation to his father. It is the father who made the decision. Not sure I see a problem with a father making decisions for his 4 year old child, whether that child be a girl or a boy. Also, is it possible that Mommy didn’t recognize the objective fact pointed out by Liam when Mommy purchased the swimsuit? Afterall, Daddy missed it until Liam pointed out the objective fact, might Mommy have missed it too? I think you are making a conclusion not based on actual factual data but on preconcieved notions.

  33. Rachel says:

    I love this girl. I totally want some of those bathers, theyre so pretty. And it cant be bad if Audrey Hepburn is your inspiration. She was one of the worlds most beautiful women and she didnt have to walk around with next to nothing on the prove it. Her elegance and grace and manners we enough. And did you ever see her in the Nuns Story? Absolutely gorgeous.

  34. Mary R Lauer says:

    My response to Liam would be, “and when you get wet I can see your private parts too.” Modesty is a 2-way street. If we’re going to shroud women to protect them from men’s impure thoughts, then we need to enshroud our kids from pedophiles, and cover up men so that other women and persons with SSA don’t have impure thoughts too. Our culture is moving towards social acceptance of these sins too.

    • sempre says:

      Totally agree! I would also say to Liam, ‘It’s Mummy’s business what your sister wears.’ While we’re at it we’d better ban jeans – most women I know certainly notice a well-designed rear end on a man. As we are biologically designed to do – for reasons that I won’t go into here!

    • Joe K says:

      Marry. You state, “Our culture is moving towards social acceptance of these sins too.” Remove the word sins and replace it with actions (i.e. “Our culture is moving toward social acceptance of these actions too.” Then ask yourself, does cultural acceptance make actions objectivly right or wromg? I’d be curious to know what your answer is.

  35. The local bishop, and not “The Vatican Heirchy [sic],” is the party that ordinarily investigates alleged apparitions, and makes the necessary determinations concerning them. And please read what the Catechism says (#65-67) regarding private revelations.

  36. sempre says:

    Joe, if you read the link above from Tommy, you’ll read that no less an authority than John Paul 2 states in his Theology of the Body that in fact context is all-important in these matters. He says that if a costume is being worn at the beach/the pool then it may well be perfectly modest, whereas if worn down the street, not so. So yes, cultural acceptance is central. To put it in another context, a century ago the thought of a woman displaying even her arms and legs at the beach was radical, and so to wear a bikini would have attracted excessive attention and been seen as totally inappropriate. In 2013, to see a woman wearing a well-fitting, well-designed bikini at the beach is ‘ordinary’ and therefore, in just the same way as the Pope’s example above, not necessarily immodest at all. Modesty is not an objective, for-all-time judgement. In Elizabethan times it was considered perfectly acceptable for young girls to display their naked breasts, for example. We would be horrified by that now.

    • “In Elizabethan times it was considered perfectly acceptable for young girls to display their naked breasts, for example. We would be horrified by that now.” I’ve never heard of such a thing. Is there any depiction of this on record? (I’m asking for educational purposes. Really.)

    • Joe K says:

      sempre…I read Mary’s comments a bit differently. I agree with you that assessing what is modest and what is not modest varies from culture to culture and from age to age. Pull out a National Geographic Magazine on aboriginal people and you’ll see that objectively in practice. Look at a good deal of religious artwork from 15 and 1600s you’ll see it also. But by stating the word “sins” Mary seemed to be implying that the concept of Modesty itself changes from culture to culture and not the determination of what type of clothing is modest and what is not modest.
      The bottom line here is that our culture suffers from a disregard and degradation for the amazingly awesome nature of both the sexual and the sensual. If the goal and the result of clothing is to promote the sexuality of the individual to arouse those around us then we’re directing sexuality into something to be used for personal pleasure and a tool. We’re not promoting what it’s designed for, that is the creation of life and the bonding and increased unity of parents for the benefit of raising physically and mentally healthy children.

  37. Anyone can wear, it’s not about any culture or for someone, it’s about what you feel good and in comfortable with.

  38. Saya tak bermaksud nak kondem sesaper… tapi post nie memang menarik dan kalau terkena tepi kain yg lain tu… anggaplah satu terguran ikhlas dari penulis..

  39. shateseeee says:

    I personally do not think theres anything wrong with a christain woman wearing a two piece, i myself being a christain since the age of ten, a swimsuit is just a swimsuit being a christain is not about what you do or dont do or what you wear or dont wear God is far more concerned about what’s in a person’s heart rather than what they have on remember men look at the outward appearance God looks at the heart, many people have the wrong concept of what it means to be a Christain, being a christain is not about what you do but what God did. i dont see an issue with a christain woman wearing a 2 piece swimsuit, if your confident and you got the body for it flaunt it you can wear a 2 piece and still be classy, its all about how you carry yourself whether in a 2piece or a one piece. i’m a christain woman and yes i will wear a two piece with no shame! that dosent make someone a christain or not by what they have on!!!!!!!!!!

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