Goodbye Catholic Answers


October 14, 2013 by mattfradd


I know what you’re thinking, “Dude, his wife is sooooo lucky!”

Many people have been writing to me and asking what I’m doing. They’ve apparently heard rumors of me leaving Catholic Answers. One guy heard I was moving to the UK?

The Scoop

Through much prayer and discernment I have come to the decision to leave my post at Catholic Answers.

Today’s my last day.

It has been an absolute honor working for them these past two years. I’ve gotten to grow as an apologist and writer (I just know somebody’s going to comment on a spelling mistake or grammatical error I’ve made in this blog).

I’ve gotten to speak to over 100,000 people across America, Canada, the UK, and even The Middle East. I will deeply miss my colleagues who are as awesome as they are intelligent.

Why? What Now?

Well, I feel lead (a cliche, I know, but I can’t think of another word to describe it) to focus on helping men, women, and married couples both learn about the destructive nature of pornography, and to help them find freedom and recovery from it.

My wife Cameron and I made this decision after spending 33 days in prayer, preparing for our annual total consecration to Mary Immaculate.

We feel very much at peace with our decision.

It’s hard to exaggerate the epidemic porn has now become. As my friend, Todd Aglialoro put it, “We’re entering a new and terrifying phase of Western civilization: one in which a majority of young adults are entering their marriage years, their employment years, their community-leadership years, having been submersed in porn culture their entire lives.

It seems that every other week I’m hearing about another beautiful, holy marriage taking place somewhere in the country; though I rejoice that these marriages happening—if our culture is to be rebuilt, or if a new one is to reemerge then it will begin one family at a time— a part of me thinks, how likely is it that these marriages will survive five years if one (or both) member is secretly struggling with a porn addiction?

I’m ranting. Point is, I’m passionate and ready to serve.

Please pray for my family and me. We’re going to need it.

The Porn Effect

What’s up with The Porn Effect I hear you ask?

We are completely rebuilding it. When it is done, it is going to be beautiful! And helpful! It will be the number one place Catholics turn to educate themselves about the dangers of porn, and to find help and healing. Among some of the features will be:

– Articles from men, women, and married couples

– An “ask an expert” section where you can get your questions answered by one our Catholic Psychotherapist friends.

– Free ebooks

– A weekly (maybe bi-weekly to start) podcast in which I interview experts, porn survivors, former porn stars/producers, etc.

And much more (I know that and much more is what people say when they usually mean, not much more, but there will be much more! We just can’t talk about it yet.)

Covenant Eyes

I am now officially working for Covenant Eyes, an apostolate dedicated to helping to protect families from the dangers of internet pornography.

If you don’t know much about Covenant Eyes, you really should, click here to learn more.

The Book

In less than a month you’ll be able to get your hands on my new book, Delivered. The book, among other things, contains ten true stories of those who turned from porn to purity: men who struggled with porn; women who struggled with porn; stories of those who were in the industry; a story of a husband and wife who write paragraph by paragraph about the Hell they went through due to Mike’s (the husband) porn addiction.

These stories are, in some cases heart wrenching, incredibly honest, and ultimately hopeful, they prove that freedom and recovery from pornography is possible!

It’s awesome!

Here’s the good news . . .

We’re not looking to make money from this book, we simply desire to get it in to as many hands as possible, so while we will be selling them individually for $9.95, we will also be selling them in bulk for $2. For a box of 20 books, you only need to pay $40!

Whhhhaaaaa? Boo-yeah! (I’m sorry, I don’t know where that came from.)

Chastity Project

From now on, if you’d like to book me to come and speak, please contact the folks at Chastity Project, a team of people I’m now very honored to be working with (except Stefanick…joke, joke). Click here for more info on how to book me.

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27 thoughts on “Goodbye Catholic Answers

  1. Matt, all the luck in the world. In my opinion, there is no greater detrimental force in this world than pornography. You’re doing great work!

  2. Kevin Wojo says:

    You are in my prayers. Continue to inspire others in any way you can, with the help of God. The world certainly needs more people like you who can go out and fix the real issues of this world. Thank you for all that you do.

  3. Norm says:

    God bless you, Matt, and may the Holy Spirit continue to guide and lead you in The Lord’s mission…

  4. Brady says:

    Matt, definitely praying for you and your family. Many blessings to you on this new adventure and I hope to run into you at some function in the future.

  5. All the best with your future endeavours, Matt. You’ve got to go where you believe the Lord is calling you. God bless. 🙂

  6. Adam Desjardins says:

    God bless you Matt and all the great work you do. My prayers will be with you and the people you share your work with.

  7. Kerri says:

    God has a plan!

  8. Mary Grace says:

    may God bless and keep you and your family strong. thank you for your witness.

    and may the Immaculate heart of Mary be your guiding friend.

  9. Beatrice Garcia says:

    Matt, thank you so much for all you have done to strength our Catholic faith. May God Bless you in your new adventure. I too am doing the 33 days to Glory, so I know how your heart feels for our Mother Mary. She will accompany and guide you in all your new adventures.
    God Bless.

  10. Joe says:

    Matt, I wish you the best as you begin this new exciting chapter. Feel free to contact me sometime. Would love to chat about a couple things. Thanks & God Bless.

  11. Lori Harris says:

    Love it Matt. Welcome to the world of real faith walking! Lori Harris Sent from my iPhone (A ministry of YWAM Woodcrest) Alan & Lori Harris, Directors P. O. Box 2531 Lindale, TX 75771

    Facebook: YWAM Kerygma Texas

    903-963-7146 Ministry Office 903-343-3567 Lori Cell 903-258-0409 Alan Cell


  12. Derrill Gallant says:

    I once read that “Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes for us one fine pillow”… May your efforts be fully rewarded by people of faith. THANK-YOU MATT for bringing hope to many!

  13. Chris Byrum says:

    Matt, God bless you, your family, and your work for the Lord. It is so necessary to have faithful workers in this area. I have shared here before that I am one whose family was nearly destroyed by pornography and sex addiction, but then restored thanks to the intervention of Christ. I have spoken with a bunch of men about this now, and *every* man I have ever personally spoken to has either a current or past issue with pornography. Epidemic even fails to capture it properly.

    I am very grateful for your dedication to this message, and my family will support you in prayer, helping to distribute the materials, and any other way that we can. God be with you brother.

  14. Rana says:

    Thank you for your service to Catholic answers and thank you for continuing to serve us all! I pray that everything goes well! 🙂

    God bless!

  15. Ashley Burns says:

    Matt & Fradd family! Thank you for creating a lasting legacy in San Diego! It seems like you will be moving sooner than we are! We will miss being close to your wonderful family, and cheers to the Midwest! Don’t leave without saying goodbye.. and there better be a going away party!!

  16. […] – Gagliarducci Cardinal Bertone: Parting Comments – Mark Lambert, De Omnibus. . . Goodbye Catholic Answers – Matt Fradd Is Schism Inevitable in Germany? – Marie Meaney, Crisis Magazine Crd. Burke […]

  17. HV Observer says:

    Don’t forget to use the outstanding resources of Morality in Media, which has been in the fight against obscene material since 1962. See

  18. ioannes carolus says:

    Godspeed and God Bless you Matt!!!

  19. Faith and Hope says:

    “We’re entering a new and terrifying phase of Western civilization: one in which a majority of young adults are entering their marriage years, their employment years, their community-leadership years, having been submersed in porn culture their entire lives.” That is so true, it is indeed terrifying. As a mature woman I look back at my days when I was in my 20s and 30s, before the internet, and though boys looked at Playboy and Hustler and other magazines during those years, they did not have the same access to porn that is commonplace all over the web. The pornification of Hollywood films is especially worrying, as is porn creeping into movies and televison with teenagers! Very soon it will be commonplace if we don’t step up and say enough is enough! I feel that a whole book could be written about how porn ruins the soul, how carefully and thoughtfully we must feed our soul spiritually enlightening and edifying materials, not the soil and filth of garbage of this secular culture. It is a war, really, when it comes right down to it. It’s not an easy war to win, because hardly any one wants to talk openly about the problem and what is driving it — and WHO are driving it. Good luck — you are entering a war zone, and you must be tough and full of fortitude to do battle with Satan himself, found in the porn industry and those who lead it and eventually, those victims who consume it.

  20. Joe Martinez says:

    Thanks for your guidance this year, Matt Fradd, and for having us over that one time. Hopefully, we’ll see you as much in your new ministry. I’ll pray for you guys, Jason, Chrystalina, Christopher West, and everyone at the Chastity Project. I really do feel like that’s the perfect place for you.

    Anyway, pray for me too. I’m gonna apply for your old spot at Catholic Answers. Fat chance, right?

  21. Rushintuit says:

    I tuned in one day to hear an impassioned traditional slanted lady be marginalized and cut off. Never felt a need to tune in a second time.

  22. Jean says:

    Porn is the reason so many people tolerate abortion. Fighting the porn culture is a pro-life endeavor.

  23. Tony says:

    Matt, can you please find a way to get Covenant Eyes working properly on Ipads and Iphones? I want the software, but it is basically useless on these devices.

  24. Becca says:

    A huge thank you to you and your family!! I feel like we just scored a touchdown or something….again thank you for making the decision to help others fight this great battle, not to mention hope and healing…God Bless your work!!

  25. Curtis Fleming says:

    Hi Matt,

    Can you please explain where in the scripture we are to consecrate ourselves to Mary? Since you state in your blog that you have an “annual total consecration to Mary Immaculate”.

    Matthew 4:10, “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.”

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