In his new DVD, The Man Talk, Matt Fradd lays out a vision for authentic Catholic masculinity and a plan for how to achieve it. Following the example of some of history’s greatest and wisest Christian men, he shows you how to build the strengths and practice the habits that will make you a true man of God: a man of courage and strength who lives for others, a man who is fully alive.

“Matt Fradd gives us a vision of how to live Catholic manhood to the fullest: with humility, self-mastery, and—here’s the big secret—abounding joy.”
Jeff Cavins – Creator of the Great Adventure Bible Study

“With an authentic heart and humble witness, Matt challenges us to ask these questions fiercely and deeply. Check out this talk.”
Christopher West – Author, Speaker and Teacher of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body


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4 thoughts on “DVDs

  1. Matt, I would really like to get my hands on a copy of this, but $32 shipping to Canada is simply outrageous. Is there anywhere to get this other than

  2. Maryflor B. Ortega says:

    Dear matt,
    Praised be Jesus!
    I’ve read and watched your program and i’m so amazed with the way you show your faith,love and didication to the Catholic church…you are a living saint in our church,because God has blessed you with great intelligence and wisdom!
    Hope more and more people will realize the truth about God and the Catholic church…more power!

  3. Maryflor B. Ortega says:

    Matt, i have something to share to you and i hope somehow you can help me . My boyfriend is a Taiwanese and he’s a Buddhist. But every sunday we both go to church and he is willing to know and learn about Christian esp. our Catholic doctrine. But the problem is he doesn’t know English so I find it difficult to explain to him about God..and we both busy for work!do you know where to find (even in the internet )chinese books and videos of our bible and Catholic faith?
    Thanks a lot!

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